Decentralized Kanban board

This project is a decentralized Trello-like tool, to manage a sprint planning tasks.
Every task is valued by the community, by a blind vote.
Once the task is voted as done, the assignee of the task is sent an amount of the choosen ERC-20 token corresponging of the task.

This system provide many advantages:

  • transparent remuneration of a project’s contributors
  • ready-to-use equity allocation framwork in case of the token is a security token
  • method of remuneration that maximizes team efficiency and individual effort

Every project (collection of tasks) is a smart contract.
A factory smart contract creates project smart contract and keep a listing of it.

Project architecture

Smart contracts

Factory contract

This contract creates and stores all created projects.

  • projects: array of projects addresses
  • getUserProjects(user: address): returns an array of all the projects in which a user is
  • createNewProject(name: string): deploys a new instance of a project, store the address of the instance, add the deployer in the users, and return instance’s address

Project contract

This contract stores all the data for a project.
A project is a collection of tasks, and users that have access to it.

When a task is done, this contract sends the corresponding amount of the reward token to the assignee.
The ERC-20 will be sent from this contract. All the funds used as rewards should be sent on this contract instance.

  • task: struct:

    • name: string
    • description: string
    • category: string
    • assignee: address of the assignee of the task, default 0x0
    • doneVotes: mapping of address => boolean, contains the votes of users concerning the status of the task, done or not
    • valueVotes: mapping of address => uint, contains the votes of users concerning the value of the task
  • name: string const, name of the project

  • voteMin: uint const, the minimal number of votes to consider a task as done

  • rewardAddress: address const, the address of the ERC-20 used to reward the assignees

  • owner: address const, the deployer of this contract and admin

  • tasks: array of the tasks

  • users: array of the users who have access to this project

  • createTask(name: string, description: address, category: string): add a new task in tasks

  • isTaskDone(index: uint): returns wether the task at index is done (sum(tasks[index].valueVotes) >= minVotes)

  • addUser(user: address): adds a user to users

  • voteTaskValue(index: uint, value: uint): adds a new vote in tasks[index].valueVotes

  • voteTaskDone(index: uint): adds a new vote in tasks[index].doneVotes

Deploy your own infrastructure

Deploy the factory contract


Deploy the frontend

cd frontend && yarn build

This will produce a dist/ folder that you can upload wherever you want.

Launching the frontend in developement

cd frontend && yarn serve


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