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Algolia components for building search UIs with Vue.js

Vue InstantSearch Lightning-fast search for Vue.js apps Installation Vue InstantSearch is available in the npm registry. Install it: # with npm npm install --save vue-instantsearch # with yarn yarn add vue-instantsearch Live Demo https:
13 September 2017

A Vue.js pluggin for fuzzy search library

vue-fuse A Vue.js pluggin for fuzzy search library, Fuse.js There are two ways to use this plugin. The vue-fuse component, or the $search method. Be sure to take a look at
13 September 2017

Autocomplete component for Vue.js

v-autocomplete Autocomplete component for Vue.js This component is css-free. The idea is to be used with any framework. Live Demo GitHub
07 August 2017

Algolia Search Helper with Vue.js

Algolia Search Helper with Vue.js BY Algolia-manager codepen demo See the Pen Example using Vue.js with the Helper by Algolia-manager (@Algolia) on CodePen.
30 August 2016

Wikipedia Search with Vue.js

Wikipedia Search with Vue.js BY Jiing H Kueh codepen See the Pen Wikipedia Search (Vue.js) by Jiing H Kueh (@jhkueh) on CodePen.
15 August 2016