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This tool allows to search for files through multiple websites, with an intuitive user interface. Similarily to what Jackett does, but for DDL (direct download) and streaming.

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If you have suggestions (new features, new sources etc.), find a bug or want to notify about something, do not hesitate to open and issue or a discussion.

Supported sources
  • 123movies
  • androeed
  • apkmb
  • audiobookbay
  • audiobooksbee
  • audiobookslab
  • bigaudiobooks
  • bilibili
  • comicextra
  • ddlbase
  • diakov
  • dosgamesarchive
  • edgeemu
  • emugames
  • f2movies
  • filecr
  • free-mp3-download
  • galaxyaudiobook
  • game-2u
  • gamedrive
  • getcomics
  • gload
  • gog-games
  • gomovies
  • himovies
  • hotaudiobooks
  • kupdf
  • library genesis (.rs)
  • lrepack
  • magazinerack
  • mobilism
  • nesgm
  • nsw2u
  • online-courses
  • openloadmov
  • ovagames
  • pdfdrive
  • rarefilmm
  • readcomicsonline
  • repackme
  • revdl
  • romulation
  • rsload
  • sflix
  • slavart
  • softarchive
  • steamrip
  • tokybook
  • trantor
  • udemy24
  • vimm
  • wawacity
  • xoxocomics
  • yourserie
  • youtube


  • Parallel searching on many websites, all at the same time
  • Custom website lists to search on
  • Search on websites which require an account
  • Quickly filter results with a double search
  • Big and ever growing list of supported websites
  • Multiple languages support
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Dark mode


Here are the different ways you can get Hatt :

AUR : hatt-bin

  • Build from source
wails build

See CONTRIBUTING.md for more details


Official subreddit

Official discor server

Not Goals (to this day)

  • All-in-one tool to download/stream media and display it nicely at the same time. Many softwares already do that very well (Kodi for movies/TV shows, Pegasus-fe for games and programs, just to name a few)

  • Easy “download” option. Some programs already allow to download files very well (JDownloader, Youtube-dl, Lux, just to name a few). There might be an implementation of such a feature by adding those programs as dependencies to Hatt later.



All the sources linked in this tool are not intended to support copyright infringement. I am not responsible for and in no way associated to any external links or their content linked , all the links available through this tool are publicly available over the internet. I have no control over the nature, content and availability of other websites. If you dislike the information this tool provides then please contact the corresponding website’s owner/webmaster/hoster directly and fill a DMCA takedown request.


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