AuTool Scripts

AuTool is a scripting language that brings the power of Greasy Monkey to your desktop environment.

AuTool provides a rich set of APIs to help you interact with your operating system and network; you can use these APIs to automate your workflow with ease. Check out our showcases to see what you can do with AuTool.


Note: AuTool is still in alpha stage. We are working to refine the functions. Please stay tuned for the updates.


  • Install the free apps from our example script page.
  • AuTool searches for autool-tasks.json file under $HOME/Desktop/apps folder, and loads the tasks into the GUI window.

Add Scripts

  • Each AuTool script is a YAML text file. You can specify your own action sequence or configure the script start-time, hotkey, number of instances, etc.

  • Here is a simple example to change keyboard when active window is changed. The APIs are in form of ${TYPE}.${ACTION}(...${ARGS}) => ${RETURN}. E.g., is a built-in API that can execute shell commands and returns the output.

task: switch-when-window-switched
  - hotkey: ~
  - autostart: true

  # Listen for window switch event
  - event.on(__WIN_ACTIVE_CHANGED__) => $win:

      # Switch keyboard to English 
      - cmd.if( {{ $win.title }} == 'Visual Studio Code' ):
          - select


  • Examples
  • API Reference [Under construction]


Contributions are welcome! To contribute, please fork this repository, create a branch for your changes, and submit a pull request. Before submitting a pull request, please make sure that your changes are fully tested and that they adhere to the contributing guidelines.


AuTool is released under GPL v3.0 license. This license allows people to use, copy, distribute, and modify software, but only if they agree to distribute any modifications they make under the same license and not use the software for commercial purposes. See LICENSE for more details.

FOR PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. For any commercial use, please contact [email protected]. The intellectual property of this product is protected by patents, and any unauthorized use will be subject to legal liability. All the rights are reserved by DanaLites Tech LTD (SG).


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