Folio-Magazine is a portfolio website presented in an innovative magazine format, built using the powerful Nuxt framework. This project serves as a minimal starter for developers looking to create their next web application with Nuxt 3 in a simple and efficient manner.

Key features of Folio-Magazine include:

  1. Tailwind CSS: The project integrates Tailwind CSS, a highly popular utility-first CSS framework, allowing developers to customize and style their website with ease and flexibility.

  2. Color Mode: Folio-Magazine offers a built-in color mode functionality, enabling users to switch between dark and light themes seamlessly, providing an enhanced user experience and catering to individual preferences.

  3. Minimal Starter: Folio-Magazine is designed as a minimal starter project, providing a solid foundation for developers to build upon and customize according to their specific requirements, without unnecessary bloat or complexity.

Developed by Johann Cavallucci, Folio-Magazine aims to simplify the process of creating portfolio websites with a unique and visually appealing magazine-style layout.