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Vue.js notification plugin

vue-notifikation Vue.js notification plugin. Installation Library can be installed via downloading a git repo: git clone An npm package also available: $ npm install vue-notifikation Getting started
02 September 2017

A toast plugin for vue/vue2

Vue-Easy-Toast A toast plugin for vue/vue2. Note: Since 1.x.x, only Vue 2 is supported. For Vue 1 users please stick to version 0.x.x Issue/PR is welcomed, I'll
02 September 2017

Vue.js agnostic non-blocking notifications library

vue-notifications VueNotifications - agnostic non-blocking notifications library, that allow you to use notifications in declaration style. Installation via npm: npm i vue-notifications --save via bower: bower i vue-notifications --save or download [latest release]
02 September 2017