The component to display single flash message to user. It has styles presets, but can be easily customized by passing style object as argument.


npm i @smartweb/vue-flash-message


import Vue from 'vue';
import FlashMessage from '@smartweb/vue-flash-message';

You can pass configuration object as second argument

Vue.use(FlashMessage, config);

Configuration object

Property Type Description Default
name String It is a name of the component and alias for the EventBus global property. 'flashMessage'
tag String Custom tag for the component to use in your application. 'FlashMesage'
time Number Duration (in ms) of the message display (can be customized during message call). 8000
icon Boolean If you would like to use icons as default. true


Put the component into your template


Now you can access it by using global EventBus alias (that is "flashMessage" by default) of your Vue instance{status: 'error', title: 'Error Message Title', message: 'Oh, you broke my heart! Shame on you!'})


You also can use shorthands without status property.

this.flashMessage.error({title: 'Error Message Title', message: 'Oh, you broke my heart! Shame on you!'});
this.flashMessage.warning({title: 'Warning Message Title', message: 'Don\'t stop me nooooow....!'});{title: 'Info Message Title', message: 'Just want you to know, that Vue is so cool'});
this.flashMessage.success({title: 'Success Message Title', message: 'Hoorah, it is my fist npm package and it works!'});

Data Object

The first argument - is data object.

Property Type Description
status String Status of component. Default presets: 'error', 'warning', 'info', 'success'
title String Title of your message
message String Text of your message
time Number Duration (in ms) of the single message display
icon Boolean If you would like to use icons for this single message
flashMessageStyle Object style Object for flashMessage block
iconStyle Object style Object for icon block. You can pass your own icon as 'backgroundImage'
contentStyle Object Style of content block
titleStyle Object Styles for title
textStyle Object Styles for text


    methods: {
        deleteTrouble() {
                .then( res => {
                    let { status, data, error } =;
                    if(status) {
                            title: 'Don\'t Warry',
                            message: 'Be Happy!',
                            time: 5000,
                            flashMessageStyle: {
                                backgroundColor: 'linear-gradient(#e66465, #9198e5)'
                    else {
                        this.flashMessage.error({title: || 'Error', message: error.message});


As second argument you can pass object with two properties: "mounted" and "destroyed".

Property Type Description
mounted Function Will be invoked, when flashMessage appears
destroyed Function Will be invoked, when flashMessage gone


<p>{{ text }}</p>
<button @click="clickHandler" type="button" name="button">Show Text!</button>
    methods: {
        showText() {
            this.text = 'Hello from callback!'
        clearText() {
            this.text = 'Bye... 1, ..2, ..3';
            setTimeout( () => this.text = '', 3000);
        clickHandler() {
                title: 'Ooooooops!',
                message: 'Do you see this text? Wtf?'
                mounted: showText,
                destroyed: clearText