Open source finance application

Written with Vue.js and Firebase.

Finapp helps you to control personal finances easily and efficiently.


Project setup

# clone the repo
$ git clone finapp

# go into app's directory
$ cd finapp

# install app's dependencies
$ npm install

Firebase setup

  • Create a Firebase project in the Firebase console
  • Go to the Authentication tab and enable Google authentication.
  • Go to the Database tab and enable Firestore.
  • Select Realtime Database and go to Rules tab.
  • Change rules to:
  "rules": {
    "users": {
      "$uid": {
        ".read": "auth != null && auth.uid == $uid",
        ".write": "auth != null && auth.uid == $uid"
    "currencies": {
      ".read": "auth != null",
      ".write": "auth != null"
  • Go to the Project Overviw and click Add Firebase to your web app.
  • You need to replace config in app's directory /src/firebase.js with your properties.
apiKey: 'YOUR_CONFIG',
authDomain: 'YOUR_CONFIG',
databaseURL: 'YOUR_CONFIG',
projectId: 'YOUR_CONFIG',
storageBucket: 'YOUR_CONFIG',
messagingSenderId: 'YOUR_CONFIG'


Compiles and hot-reloads

npm run dev


Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build