Nuxt Random Recipe App

Nuxt Random Recipe App is a small recipe application developed in Nuxt for a live-coding session at Vue.js Nation 2024. The app incorporates various features and technologies associated with Nuxt and follows best practices for building modern web applications.


  1. Built with Nuxt 3:

    • Developed using Nuxt 3, a popular framework for building Vue.js applications, emphasizing ease of use and performance.
  2. Server API Routes using Nitro:

    • Implements server API routes using Nitro, an API routing solution provided by Nuxt.
  3. Runtime Config Usage:

    • Demonstrates the usage of runtime config, allowing dynamic configuration without the need for rebuilding the app.
  4. Built-in Storage Layer:

    • Utilizes the built-in storage layer for managing data within the application.
  5. Responsive Images with Nuxt Image:

    • Implements responsive images with the help of Nuxt Image, a module for handling responsive images effortlessly.
  6. Interface with Nuxt UI and TailwindCSS:

    • Enhances the user interface using Nuxt UI and TailwindCSS, combining utility-first styling with a powerful UI framework.

The "Nuxt Random Recipe App" showcases the integration of various technologies and best practices within the Nuxt ecosystem, providing a practical example for developing modern web applications.