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A Simple and powerful vuejs validation

Vuelidation simple, powerful, vuejs validation. See the Pen Vuelidation Example by cj (@cj) on CodePen. Install yarn add --dev vuelidation@latest Include Plugin import Vue from 'vue'; import Vuelidation from 'vuelidation'; Vue.use(
29 August 2017

Simple Vue.js input validation plugin

vee-validate vee-validate is a plugin for Vue.js that allows you to validate input fields, and display errors. You don't have to do anything fancy in your app, most of the work goes
27 August 2017

Validator component for Vue.js

vue-validator Validator component for Vue.js NOTE: official release for Vue.js 2.0 not yet :construction: NOTICE vue-validator have retiring from vue.js official plugins. in the future, vue-validator is continuing as
27 August 2017

Vuelidate : Simple, lightweight model-based validation

Vuelidate Simple, lightweight model-based validation for Vue.js 2.0 Features & characteristics: Model based Decoupled from templates Dependency free, minimalistic library Support for collection validations Support for nested models Contextified valdiators Easy
14 June 2017