Validating ref

Accepts this rules

'required' | 'email' | 'numeric' | 'date' | 'minLength' | 'maxLength';

Returns an object

return reactive({
  model,      // Value that you must assign to v-model
  isValid,    // Bacome true if all rules becomes true
  modelRules, // An object that have a rules state,
              // For example, { required: true, minLength: false }

Test it: Demo


npm install -S light-vue3-validation

How to use it


Import validateRef function

import { validateRef } from "light-vue3-validation"


Assign this function to your variable and put two parameters

  • First is your model
  • Second is your validations

setup() {
  const phone = validateRef('', ['required', 'numeric', { type: "maxLength", value: 12 }])

If your validating data is an object do something like this

import { reactive } from "vue"

const user = reactive({
  phone: validateRef('', ['required', { type: 'minLength', value: 12 }]),
  password: validateRef('', ['required', { type: 'minLength', value: 6 }]),
  remember_me: ref(true),


Assign variable’s model value to your v-model

<input ... v-model="phone.model" ... />

That’s all

Now you can control you variable and set messages you need by modelRules object parameters


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