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I applied at Instabug as a Frontend Internship. I Received this challenge as part of the recruitment process. I was asked to develop a small application consisting of 3 pages(Login, Welcome, 404). In which the user can only log in with specific emails and passwords and validate them. Then if the email or password is wrong Error message appears else if the email and password are correct it goes to the welcome page which contains the email address that login and the logout button when clicking on it it goes back to the login page. I have little vue background knowledge, but I did my best to achieve technology best practices.

Build with

Getting Started


  1. Clone the repository
$ git clone https://github.com/AbdelrahmanTolba/InstaAuth.git
  1. Navigate to repository directory
$ cd InstaAuth
  1. Install dependencies
$ npm i


  1. Compiles and hot-reloads for development
$ npm run serve
  1. Compiles and minifies for production
$ npm run build
  1. Run e2e tests
$ npx cypress run


Login Page

screenshot-localhost_8080-2022 06 01-17_50_58

screenshot-localhost_8080-2022 06 01-17_51_14

screenshot-localhost_8080-2022 06 01-17_53_45

Welcome Page

screenshot-localhost_8080-2022 06 01-17_53_59

Error Page

screenshot-localhost_8080-2022 06 01-17_54_18


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