Mosha Vue Toastify

A lightweight and fun Vue 3 toast or notification or snack bar or however you wanna call it library.



  • Super easy to setup!
  • Swipe to close
  • Support for Composition API
  • Written in typescript, full typescript support
  • Super light weight
  • Define behavior per toast
  • Fun progress bar to display remaining time
  • A lot more coming!


With NPM:

$ npm install mosha-vue-toastify

With Yarn:

$ yarn add mosha-vue-toastify

The gist

  <button @click="toast">Toast it!</button>
<script lang='ts'>
import { defineComponent } from 'vue'
import { createToast } from 'mosha-vue-toastify';
import 'mosha-vue-toastify/dist/style.css'

export default defineComponent({
  name: 'HelloWorld',
  setup () {
    const toast = () => {
        createToast('Wow, easy')
    return { toast }


The createToast function accepts 2 arguments, the first argument can be just a string or a object like this { title: 'some title', description: 'some good description'}, the second argument is an options object.


name type default description
type 'info', 'danger', 'warning', 'success', 'default' 'default' Give the toast different styles and icons.
timeout number 5000 How many ms you want the toggle to close itself?
position 'top-left', 'top-right', 'bottom-left', 'bottom-right', 'top-center', 'bottom-center' 'top-right' Where do you want the toast to appear?
showCloseButton boolean true Do you wanna show the close button ?
showIcon boolean false Do you wanna show the icon ?
transition 'bounce', 'zoom', 'slide' 'bounce' Which animation do you want?
hideProgressBar boolean false Do we wanna hide the fancy progress bar?
swipeClose boolean true Allows the user swipe close the toast
toastBackgroundColor string default color Customize the background color of the toast.
onClose function N/A This function will be called at the end of the toast's lifecycle