Vue Toaster

Vue.js toast notification plugin for vue 3.


# yarn
yarn add @meforma/vue-toaster

# npm
npm install @meforma/vue-toaster

stylus-loader is also required

# yarn
yarn add stylus-loader@3 stylus

# npm
npm install stylus-loader@3 stylus


// In you main.js
// ... considering that your app creation is here
import Toaster from '@meforma/vue-toaster';



// this.$, {/* options */});
this.$`Hey! I'm here`);
this.$toast.success(`Hey! I'm here`);
this.$toast.error(`Hey! I'm here`);
this.$toast.warning(`Hey! I'm here`);
this.$`Hey! I'm here`);

// Close all opened toast after 3000ms
setTimeout(this.$toast.clear, 3000)

Available options

The API methods accepts these options:

Attribute Type Default Description
message String -- Message text/html (required)
type String default One of success, info, warning, error, default
position String bottom-right One of top, bottom, top-right, bottom-right,top-left, bottom-left
duration Number or false 4000 Visibility duration in milliseconds or false that disables duration
dismissible Boolean true Allow user close by clicking
onClick Function -- Do something when user clicks
onClose Function -- Do something after toast gets dismissed
queue Boolean false Wait for existing to close before showing new
pauseOnHover Boolean true Pause the timer when mouse on over a toast
useDefaultCss Boolean true User default css styles

API methods

show(message, ?options)

This is generic method, you can use this method to make any kind of toast.

// Can accept a message as string and apply rest of options from defaults

// Can accept an Object of options.
// If yout don't pass options, the default toast will be showed
this.$'Something went wrong!', {
    type: 'error',
    // all of other options may go here


There are some proxy methods to make it more readable. The same rule for error, info and warning methods

this.$toast.success('Profile saved.', {
  // optional options Object

Global options

You can set options for all the instances during plugin initialization

app.use(Toaster, {
  // One of the options
  position: 'top'

Further you can override option when creating new instances

this.$toast.success('Order placed.', {
  // override the global option
  position: 'bottom'

How to execute example

Clone the project and run:

cd example; yarn install; yarn serve