Notification Vue JS ?

The Notification vue plugin allow you to display notifications from all your app. Just with one ligne of code.
I know there are lots of others but the peculiarity of this one is to have GSAP to animate your toast of a million way

How to use it

Install with pm

npm i @kugatsu/vuenotification --save

Import with ES6

import VueNotification from "@kugatsu/vuenotification";

Vue.use(VueNotification, {
  timer: 20

Throw notification where you want.

this.$"hello world", {  timer: 10 });
this.$notification.error("hello world", { infiniteTimer: false });


Name Type Default value
message String "? You miss something ..."
title String null
timer Number 5(s)
infiniteTimer Boolean false
position String topRight
type String primary
[type] Object ( See type section )
showLeftIcn Boolean true
showCloseIcn Boolean false
animateIn Function ()=> TimelineMax
animateOut Function ()=> TimelineMax


Name Value
top center topRight
top left topLeft
top right topRight
bottom center bottomCenter
bottom left bottomLeft
bottom right bottomRight


There is 5 notifications types.

  • primary
  • dark
  • success
  • warning
  • error

To custom the colors of the notification you can do globaly or localy :

// Sample to change all error notification
Vue.use(NotificationVuejs, {
  error: {
    background: "green",
    color: "red"


To animate the in and out animation, we use GSAP. To customize the default animation, you have to add to your config object. animateIn and animateOut with function that return gsap timeline.

Vue.use(NotificationVuejs, {
  animateIn: function() {
    var tl = new TimelineMax()
      .from(this.notificationEl, 0.6, {
        opacity: 0
      .from(this.notificationEl, 0.4, {
        borderRadius: 100,
        width: 58,
        height: 58
      .from(this.notificationElContent, 0.3, {
        opacity: 0
    return tl;

You can select the notification with custom selector.

Selector Value to use
all notification this.notification
current notification this.notificationEl
all content of the notification this.notificationElContent
Notification title this.notificationTitle
Notification message this.notificationMessage
Notification icone this.notificationIcone
Notification close button this.notificationIconeClose