Vue Awesome Notifications

It's a Vue.js version of Awesome Notifications library. Awesome Notifications is a lightweight JavaScript library for notifications.



Attention! This library uses FontAwesome icons, so you either need to make sure that FontAwesome is connected to your project, either disable icons, passing the icons: {enabled: false} property to options. Also you can preserve icons, setting up a custom template for them via editting options.icons.template

npm install --save vue-awesome-notifications

In main.js

import Vue from "vue"
import VueAWN from "vue-awesome-notifications"

Vue.use(VueAWN, options)

In any of your files:

this.$awn.success("Your custom message")

Usage of default styles

For easier customization, SCSS version is preffered.

With SCSS - In your App.vue

<style lang="scss">
@import '~vue-awesome-notifications/dist/styles/style.scss';

With CSS - In your App.vue

<style lang="css">
@import 'vue-awesome-notifications/dist/styles/style.css';

Or in main.js