Tiny but powerful notification component

Tiny but powerful notification component with no dependencies.


Simply add "vs-notify.min.js" file into your project and insert one or more tags anywhere:

<vs-notify group="alert"></vs-notify>

Then you can send notifications from Javascript:

this.$notify("alert", "Hello, world!");
this.$notify("alert", "Ice caps are melting.", "warn");

You can also pass duration like this:

this.$notify("alert", "No more <b>ice cream</b>!", "error", 0);

To close all notifications in a group: this.$notify("alert");.

See 'test/index.html' for more examples.


  • group - name to send notifications to
  • position - 'top/bottom' and 'left/right/center', for example: 'bottom left'
  • duration - number of milliseconds to show the notification (0 = until user closes it)
  • reverse - display notifications in reverse order
  • transition - Vue transition name to use

There are several predefined transitions:

  • ntf-left - slide notification from the left (default for 'left' position)
  • ntf-right - slide notification from the right (default for 'right' position)
  • ntf-fade - simply fade-in/fade-out notifications
  • ntf-top - slide from the top
  • ntf-bottom - slide from the bottom

Custom notifications

You can use the slot "body" for custom notifications:

<template slot="body" scope="props">
	Look: <span class="content" v-html="props.item.text"></span>

props.close() closes the notification.


.vs-notify .ntf{ /* main notification container */ }

.vs-notify .ntf.success { }
.vs-notify .ntf.warn    { }
.vs-notify .ntf.error   { }

You can also use your own notification types:

this.$notify("alert", "Where are my keys?!", "panic");

.vs-notify .panic{ color: red; }