Request Indexing

Request Indexing is a powerful tool designed to expedite the process of getting your pages indexed on Google, typically within 48 hours. This free and open-source solution leverages the Web Search Indexing API and provides a user-friendly interface for requesting indexing and monitoring search performance through a comprehensive dashboard.


⚡ Quickly request indexing for new sites and pages, ensuring they appear on Google within 48 hours.
📊 Access a dashboard to monitor the search performance of all your Google Search Console sites.
🗓️ Preserve all your site data, as Google Search Console typically deletes site data older than 16 months (coming soon).


This tool is built using Nuxt, a framework based on Vue.js, along with additional components such as Nuxt UI Pro and Nuxt SEO. It seamlessly integrates with Google APIs to provide efficient indexing and monitoring capabilities. Credits to google-indexing-script for inspiring this project, which aims to streamline the indexing process for webmasters and developers.

Get started with Request Indexing today and ensure your pages are promptly indexed on Google for maximum visibility and impact!