WaveBox ?

An Movie Search Application Built with the IMDB API


  • Build the web app using Vue
  • The Web app will use the OMDB API
  • Have a search bar at the top of the page from where a user can search for a movie.
  • The search results should be displayed as a movie in a way that showcases the title, the cover image, and links to the details about the movie.
  • Freedom to decide what your UI and UX should look like.


Project setup

Install Dependenceis ✨

yarn install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development ✨

yarn serve

Run test ✨

yarn test:unit

Compiles and minifies for production ✨

yarn build

View in browser ✨


Project Technologies ?

  • VueJS
  • CSS / SCSS

UI components ??

  • SearchBar: The SearchBar component is used to allow users input a search term.

import { SearchBar } from "@/components"

The SearchBar has the following props: modelView, handleSearch

  • MovieCard: The MovieCard Component is designed to display the initial of the movie after search.

import { MovieCard } from "@/components"

The MovieCard has the following props: type, poster, title, genre, year, imdbRating, rottentomatoes

  • MovieDetailModal: The MovieDetailModal is designed to display all the details of a movie.

import { MovieDetailModal } from "@/components"

The MovieDetailmodal has the following props: type, poster, title, genre, year, imdbRating, rottentomatoes, plot, writers, director, runtime, rated, awards, language, show

  • Tag: The Tag components is for aesthetics, to help display unique set of data.

import { Tag } from "@/components"

The Tag has the following props: text

  • NoResult: The NoResult components is for used to alert the user that there was no result after a search.

import { NoResult } from "@/components"

The NoResult has the following props: message

  • Loader: The Loader component is used to improve UX, it shows the user that data is getting fetched.

import { Loader } from "@/components"
  • Footer: The Footer components displays meta data.

import { Footer } from "@/components"

UI Design

The UI design for this app was inspired by


MIT License