MIDI melody similarity frontend

Melody similarity search web app, built with Vue.js and Vuetify


  • Input melody using a sequencer
  • Sequencer is fully reactive and customizable (range of notes, max length)
  • Play/pause inputted melody, clear melody
  • MIDI file import which extracts melody from MIDI files
  • Search your melody in musical pieces in database (~295 pieces from piano-midi.de)
  • Different search functions available (LCS – Longest Common Subsequence, DTW – Dynamic Time Warping)
  • For DTW, a graph of mapping of the two sequences is also shown in the results

Technology used

Project setup

Node >= 16.0 required

# yarn

# npm
npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

# yarn
yarn dev

# npm
npm run dev


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