Global Search Module

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A module for searching across multiple collections at once and returning results to allow you to navigate directly to the item page.


  • Copy the global-search folder into your_directus_project/extensions/modules/
  • Enable the module under Project Settings in the Directus Admin Panel.

Setup (in admin panel)

  • Navigate to the Global Search module and in the side-bar select a collection you wish to search.
  • Fill in the display template: This is how search results will be displayed back to you.
  • Choose the fields that you want to search. The fewer the better.


Update the "directus:extension"."path" value in package.json with the relative path to your Directus Project if you don’t want to copy it across everytime.

  • npm install
  • npm run dev


  • npm run build

Author and Support

Created by Gerard Lamusse (u12206050)

If this is helps you in anyway please support me with what you think it is worth via


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