Django-Vue Shopping Cart

Django rest framework shopping cart With Vuejs. This project provides a template for local development.




Stripe Integration

Instructions on how to connect Stripe.


  • Log in
    • Auth Token login
    • via username & password
  • Register
  • Reset password
  • Forgot password
  • Change password
  • Change profile
    • Customer address and phone number
  • Star rating system
  • Inventory management system

Functionality Store Admin

  • Upload products through django admin
  • Images will uploaded to AWS S3


@vue/cli 4.5.13 | Python 3.9.4 | Nodejs ^16.13.1 | Postgresql

  • Database engine and email service
  • AWS S3 account

Setup django

  • Fork Repository.
  • Create a new directory
  • cd to your new directory
  • Clone Repo
git clone<your-github-username>/django_store.git
  • cd django_store
  • Create your virtual environment

pip install pipenv
pipenv install
pipenv shell
  • Configure (database connection, email and AWS)
  • Run your migrations

# Use py on windows

python makemigrations
python migrate
  • Create your superuser

# Use py on windows

python createsuperuser
  • Activate local project

# Use py on windows

python runserver

Setup Vue

  • Open new terminal

cd mystore
cd frontend
npm install
npm run serve


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