A simple and responsive CRM app created using Vue3 as front-end framework and Django as back-end framework.

I have a demo video of this project in this link

Technologies Used

  • Bootstrap5
  • Typescript
  • Python3
  • Vue3(Composition API)
  • Django
  • Stripe
  • Vite

Testing this project

You can clone this project and test it for yourself. However, you need to create .env files and add these following variables:


Key Description
VITE_BASE_URL Base URL of the app


Key Description
SECRET_KEY Django secret key
STRIPE_PUB_KEY Stripe public key
STRIPE_SECRET_KEY Stripe secret key
STRIPE_SMALL_TEAM_PRICE_ID “Small Team” Stripe product ID
STRIPE_BIG_TEAM_PRICE_ID “Big Team” Stripe product ID
STRIPE_WEBHOOK_KEY Stripe webhook key
FRONTEND_URL_UPGRADE_PLAN_SUCCESS Front-end route used when payment is successful
FRONTEND_URL_UPGRADE_PLAN_CANCEL Front-end route used when payment is cancelled


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