Togo Tech Communities

The Togo Tech Communities is a dynamic and inclusive project aimed at showcasing the vibrant and emerging tech communities in Togo. It seeks to provide a platform that celebrates the diverse range of talents, innovations, and collaborative efforts within the country’s technology sector.

How to add a community

Our goal is to make the act of contributing an enjoyable and exciting method of learning how to participate in open-source projects. To include a community, follow these steps:

  1. Fork the repository

  2. Clone the project to your local machine.

  3. Run the project but before make sure to install the dependencies:

# npm
npm install
npm run dev
  1. Create a new branch (i.e. add/the-community-name).

  2. Edit the file public/data/communities.ts. Within this file, you’ll find an array consisting of objects that represent portfolios. Your task is to append an object to this table, ensuring it follows the chronological order.


The type of the datas is in types.ts

  • name is mandatory.
  • links must have at least one element.
  1. Commit changes and push the new branch.

  2. Open and submit a PR.


This project was inspired by the great work of Gausoft