CRM System on Vue 3 Composition Api

This project is based on Vue 3 Composition API using Vuetify UI library. Bundled with Vite.

Powered on Supabase SDK

crm-vue1.png crm-vue2.png crm-vue3.png crm-vue4.png

This CRM system allows you to calculate expenses by created categories, as well as view expenses statistics. You can convert watch your bill and history on different currency rates – automatic conversion enabled. There is a built-in support for languages: English Russian, Ukrainian. The application contains pages: Your Account, History, Planning, New Entry, Category.

Try it on: Netlify Vercel Github Pages

Copy repo code and setup it with yarn package manager (Yarn PnP recommended):

git clone
cd ./crm-vue-supabase

yarn dev

if you are not using PnP mode

yarn set version berry
yarn dev


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