ElasticJury 0.1.1


An archetypical search engine for judiciary cases.

By Fengshi Zheng and Chenggang Zhao

Please take a look at our presentation slides or report ?

Build & Deploy

  • To preprocess the dataset, build retrieve indexes and store to database, see preprocessor/main.py

  • To start the search engine backend, run PORT=8000; PASSWORD=${your db passwd} go run . in the root directory.

  • To start the frontend ui server in dev mode, run npm run serve in ./ui/

  • To build the frontend ui for production, run npm run build in ./ui

    Note: to deploy the static html files, you need a frontend server to serve ./ui/dist/

    For example, a sample nginx configuration file is located at ./ui/nginx.conf, go check it out!

Have fun!




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