Vue Unsplash is photo search webapp made using Vue.js which uses Unsplash JSON APIs for photo search. Unsplash the most powerful photo engine in the world. Trying to make the unplash like UI and add functionality as much as possible

Getting Started

Creating a developer account

To access the Unsplash API, first register as a developer.

Registering your application

Once your account has been registered for the API, log in -> go to the Developers page -> Go to "Your Applications"-> "New Application" and fill in the required details.

SignUp or Login in Unsplash. Go to API/devlopers -> Documentation. Then Register your app to get the API key and secret.

API Usage

Update your API_KEY and API_SECRET in the main.js

 const unsplash = new Unsplash({
        applicationId: "API_KEY",
        secret: "API_SECRET",
        callbackUrl: "{CALLBACK_URL}"


# install all dependency
~/ npm install

# run
~/ npm run dev