Domainname Auth Query System

1. What is “Domainname Auth Query System” ?

Domainname Auth Query System” is a webpage dedicated to publicly querying whether a domain name is authenticated and authorized by your company. At present, there are only front-end query projects developed with Vue (not even styles). Later, the front-end will be improved and the back-end programs will be uploaded for everyone to use!

2. How should I use it ?

Because the project is currently only used for teaching, there are not many functions. If you can wait, then please wait for the development of the official version. If you can’t wait, edit the source code yourself if you have the technology and use the npm run build command to release and build!

Because Vue Router History Mode is used, you need to configure your server when building! Please refer to Vue Router Official Document!

3. What will be the function later ?

I don’t really want to make it public at the moment. : (

But if you have a good idea, you can notify me by email: [email protected] XD

4. Teaching video

Because I am a Chinese, my instructional videos are told in Chinese language. The video was uploaded to People’s Republic of China’s Bilibili and US Google’s YouTube. To view, please click on the link below to view!


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