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A MediumEditor component for Vue 2

vue2-medium-editor A medium-editor component for Vue2. For Vue1 checkout branch 1.0. Live Demo https://franzskuffka.github.io/vue-medium-editor/ GitHub
10 August 2017

A mobiledoc editor component toolkit for Vuejs

Vue Mobiledoc Editor A Mobiledoc editor written using Vue and Mobiledoc Kit. Installation npm install vue-mobiledoc-editor The vue-mobiledoc-editor will install the mobiledoc-kit package as a dependency and load its assets. GitHub
10 August 2017

mavonEditor : A nice vue.js markdown editor

mavonEditor A nice vue.js markdown editor.Support WYSIWYG editing mode, reading mode and so on. Install mavon-editor $ npm install mavon-editor --save package.json "mavon-editor": "^1.3.5" Use
21 April 2017

Quill editor component for Vue2

VUE-QUILL-EDITOR Quill editor component for Vue2 Quill is initialized with a DOM element to contain the editor. The contents of that element will become the initial contents of Quill. Live Demo https://surmon-china.
01 March 2017

Markdown editor built with vue.js

Elegant Markdown Editor Features It just suits, show editor or preview or both just as you wish. Focus mode, writing without distractions. Exportable, from Markdown to HTML/PDF... You name it. Supporting math
28 November 2016