Shards Vue is a free, beautiful and modern Vue.js UI kit based on Shards.

Getting started with Shards Vue is fairly simple. You can download Shards Vue via the official website, here on GitHub as a release package or by using a package manager such as Yarn or NPM.

Quick Start

You can install Shards Vue via Yarn or NPM.

// Install via Yarn
yarn add shards-vue

// Install via NPM
npm i shards-vue

Module Bundlers

If you are using a module bundler such as Webpack or Rollup, you can include the entire Shards Vue library inside your project.

import Vue from 'vue'
import ShardsVue from 'shards-vue'

// Import base styles (Bootstrap and Shards)
import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css'
import 'shards-ui/dist/css/shards.css'


Registering Components as Vue Plugins

If you'd like to register only certain components as Vue plugins, make sure to import just the component you'd like to use.

import Vue from 'vue'

// Import base styles (Bootstrap and Shards)
import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css'
import 'shards-ui/dist/css/shards.css'

import { Button } from 'shards-vue/src/components'

Importing Single File Components

Importing single file components is also possible.

    <d-button @click="handleClick">Click Me!</d-button>

import dButton from 'shards-vue/src/components/button/Button'

export default {
    components: {
    methods: {
        handleClick() {
            alert('You just clicked me!')

File Sizes

You can also run yarn bundlesize at any time to check the compiled file sizes.

File Name Size (min.gz)
shards-vue.common.min.js 46.29KB
shards-vue.esm.min.js 46.24KB
shards-vue.umd.min.js 39.3KB