A Blogging Platform

A beautiful blogging platform for the JankariTech peoples.


  1. Requirements

  2. Install Dependencies

    pnpm install
  3. Serve

    pnpm dev

    This should start a development server on port 3000.

Publish a Blog

  1. Create a md file inside src/assets folder
  2. Add meta information at the top

    title: Unit Testing with VueJS
    authorName: John Doe
    authorAvatar: https://some.link.jpg (must be an image URL)
    authorLink: https://github.com/John
    createdAt: 02/10/2022 (must be in format dd/mm/yyyy)
    tags: vue, jest, unit, testing (separate multiple items with a comma `,` character)
    banner: https://some.link.jpg (must be an image URL)
    seriesTitle: Unit Testing is Fun (if only this post belongs to a series, optional)
    episode: 1 (episode number of the series, optional)
  3. Wrap meta information with two horizontal lines
  4. Add the main content below the last horizontal line

    meta information...
    # heading 1
    some content
    # heading 2
    other content
  5. Check for your markdown files compatibility with the blog site
    pnpm markdown:lint

    This will check the markdown files inside src/assets folder for the following:

    • Missing meta information
    • No use of 1st heading tag (#) inside the main content
    • Dead/Insecure image links
  6. If these all checks are good, make the PR with a new markdown file as a brand-new blog post.


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