PicHostify – Versatile Image Hosting

PicHostify is a browser extension based on PicX, offering a comprehensive image hosting solution and image toolkit using the GitHub API. It’s free, secure, and facilitates image uploading, hosting, link generation, and offers various image manipulation tools.

? Highlights

  • Quick: No deployment necessary. Use it directly in your browser with no limitations.
  • Free: PicHostify is powered by Vue.js and is entirely free of charge.
  • Secure: Sensitive data like API Keys are stored locally using IndexedDB.

? How to use

Start by creating a GitHub Token and use it to configure your PicHostify. It’s that simple!

? Installation

PicHostify is now available in the Google Chrome App Store, try it here.

If you wish to deploy locally:

  1. Clone the repository or download the source code:

    git clone https://github.com/jwjoel/PicHostify.git
  2. Build PicHostify with the commands npm install and npm run build

  3. Open the Extensions page in your browser:

    • In Chrome, navigate to chrome://extensions/
    • In Firefox, navigate to about:addons
  4. Enable developer mode (you’ll usually find this as a toggle in the top-right corner of the Extensions page).

  5. Click “Load unpacked extension” (Chrome) or “Load Temporary Add-on” (Firefox) and select the dist directory within your project folder.

  6. PicHostify extension should now be installed and ready to use in your browser’s toolbar.

✨ Features

  • Drop, Paste, File Selection: Multiple ways to upload images.
  • Image Renaming & Hashing: Ensure unique names and setting naming prefixes.
  • Batch Operations: Uploading, deleting, and batch copying of image links.
  • Multi-level Directory Management: Create and view images in multi-level directories.
  • One-click Copying: Easily copy image links and freely convert between Markdown and HTML formats.
  • Multiple Image Link Rules: Built-in support for Staticaly, jsDelivr, ChinaJsDelivr, and more.
  • Custom Image Link Rules: Configure to suit your needs.
  • Image Compression: Built-in efficient compression algorithm (webp, mozjpeg, avif) with automatic compression before uploading.
  • Image Watermarks: Configure for added image protection.
  • Base64 Encoder: Convert image to Base64 format.
  • Dark Mode: A more comfortable viewing experience at night.

❤️ Acknowledgement

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the original project, PicX, and its author. Their work has laid a solid foundation for PicHostify and inspired our efforts. If you’re interested in a web version of PicHostify, we highly recommend visiting the original PicX project.

? Feedback

Should you encounter any issues during use, please raise an issue for the author to address.

? Contribution

We welcome contributions including but not limited to, improving the user interface, adding new features, optimizing performance, fixing bugs, and enhancing documentation.

Thanks to all of the contributors:

⚖️ License

This project is licensed under AGPL-3.0.


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