a cool way to send keyboard inputs to your friend’s pc!!!

This is Vue. Not fake HTML. daeinkord is stupid


  1. Port forward 3000 with TCP
  2. Run the express app located in Backend/
  3. Send your IP to your friend (be careful with this)


  • Open the official frontend in your browser, create your own, or directly send POST requests to the api
  • Send text will send whatever you type
  • the W, A, S, D, and SPACE buttons are provided for g a m i n g


i have put way too much effort into this readme

  • Java is required. I’m not sure what version, so make sure you have a relatively recent version installed, I guess. This was tested with OpenJDK 19, but any version in the last 4 years should probably work.
  • Node.js is obviously required. I also don’t know which version so try to make sure it’s up to date, I guess.
  • i am losing my sanity


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