This is a count down timer for Vue js framework. This library supports two types of timers:

  1. Timer mode: Timer based on hour, minute and second.
  2. Single mode: Timber based on second (single circle without hours and minutes).


npm install vue-circular-count-down-timer

After installation, import component and register it in the main.js:

import Vue from 'vue';
import CircularCountDownTimer from "vue-circular-count-down-timer";


Props Description
initial-value Initial value of timer, as seconds. (required)
stroke-width Thickness of circle strokes in px.
seconds-stroke-color Color of stroke of seconds circle.
minutes-stroke-color Color of stroke of minutes circle.
hours-stroke-color Color of stroke of hours circle.
underneath-stroke-color Color of stroke of empty parts of circles.
seconds-fill-color Color of background of seconds circle.
minutes-fill-color Color of background of minutes circle.
hours-fill-color Color of background of hours circle.
size Width and height of circles in px.
padding Space between circles in px.
hour-label Label of hours circle.
minute-label Label of minutes circle.
second-label Label of seconds circle.
show-second Whether to show seconds circle or not.
show-minute Whether to show minutes circle or not.
show-hour Whether to show hours circle or not.
show-negatives To continue counting after reaching zero.
steps Number of steps in single mode usage.
paused To pause counting.
notify-every To determine interval of triggering update event. Possible values: second, minute, hour, none. minute and hour works just in timer mode.
Events Description
finish Fires when counter reaches zero.
update Fires on each counting.


1. Basic usage


2. Fully customized (timer mode)



3. Single mode



4. Listen to events



methods: {
    finished: () => {
    updated: (status) => {
        console.log(status);    //{"value": 144, "seconds": 24, "minutes": 2, "hours": 0}