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A data table created using Vue.js

A data table created using Vue.js

Vueye DataTable

Vueye data table is a responsive data table component based on Vue.js 2, it organizes your data per pages in order to navigate easily.

This component allows you to :

  • Sort columns
  • Search data
  • Print your data into a spreadsheet
  • Emit checked rows and the clicked row to the parent component
  • Export to excel
  • Change theme (colors)
  • Many languages: English(en), Arabic(ar), French(fr), Spanish(es), German(ger) and Chinese(ch)


  • Vue.js 2
  • It doesn't require any css framework


npm install vueye-datatable --save-dev


<vueye-table title="Users" show-theme :rows_data="user_data" v-on:row-clikc="onrowclick" 
import VueyeTable from "vueye-datatable";
export default {
  name: "app",
  data() {
    return {
      user_attr: ["id", "name", "phone"],
      user_data: []
  components: {
  methods: {


 title            : the data table title
 cols             : the attributes or columns, by default it takes the json object keys
 rows_data        : JS array of object or json content
 per-pages-values : An array containing the possible number of rows per page 
 theme-name       : specify a theme name, available ones are light, dark-1, dark-2, blue-1 and red
 table-style      : the type of table bordered or striped
 show-theme       : if this prop is not mentionned the theme bar will be hidden
 checkable        : show/hide the checkboxes column and the export checked rows button
 vLang            : specify the data table language


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
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