Vue Datepicker Component

A Datepicker Component For VueJs.





Prop Value
value (v-model) Date or Array for range
range Boolean - (default: false)
lang String / Supports all languages / iso code language / default: 'tr'
firstDayOfWeek monday or sunday (default: monday)
inputClass String / classname for input
position String / options = top, bottom, left, right / default: left
disabled-start-date Object . This object consists of the start and end information(from and to params). ( For single status and range status of startDate). Default: { from: null, to: null}
disabled-end-date Object . It has the same with disabled-start-end. (For range status of end Date. Ignored in single status.)
text-format String / Short And Long / Short and long formats of month and day names
date-format Object / This is the format in which the selected date will be displayed to the user. / default: { day: '2-digit', month: 'long', year: 'numeric' }