A desktop app that automatically removes silence from videos.


  • I've shelved this project (for now) and am currently working on another startup idea.
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Image (for those who just want a quick glimpse)


Video Demos

Project Setup

npm install
npm run electron:serve

Why Make AtomicEdits?

In 2020, I quit my tech job to pursue creating content on YouTube full-time.
The biggest problem I had with making videos was editing/removing silence from them.
(For reference, it takes 1-2 hours to edit 10 minutes of video.) I put aside 2-3 weeks in June to learn video
editing technologies (WaveSurfer.js + FFmpeg) and make a proof of concept - this is the result.
It's really rough around the edges, but saves me some time while editing.

Why Open Source My Product?

I was originally planning on selling this as a digital product (for $10-20) since I haven't made much money
after leaving my tech job, but I found another idea worth pursuing. I haven't touched this project in a month
and figured that open sourcing it can help others who may want to take this further.

Main Features

  • Automatically detect silence in the video
  • Generate silent regions based on length and loudness
  • Remove detected silent regions on export
  • Add/remove padding to silent regions

Tech Stack

  • Vue/Vuex
  • Font Awesome (icons)
  • Tailwind CSS (core UI)
  • Electron.js (desktop app)
  • WaveSurfer.js (audio wave display)
  • Fluent FFmpeg (export edited video)
  • Hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts)