ShoeMarket – Fullstack E-Commerce for Shoes

ShoeMarket is a fullstack web market application for buying and selling shoes. It allows users to browse and purchase shoes, leave comments and reviews, and add their favorite shoes to their list.

ShoeMarket Screenshot


  • Browse a wide variety of shoes available for purchase
  • View detailed information about each shoe, including images, price, and description
  • Add shoes to the cart and complete the checkout process
  • Leave comments and reviews on shoes
  • Add shoes to the user’s favorites list
  • User registration and login functionality
  • Responsive design for mobile and desktop devices


A live demo of ShoeMarket is available at

Technologies Used

  • Vue.js 3 – Frontend framework for building user interfaces
  • Tailwind CSS – Utility-first CSS framework for styling
  • Express.js – Backend framework for handling API requests
  • Firebase – Cloud-based platform for hosting and backend services
  • MongoDB – Document-oriented database for data storage
  • Mongoose – MongoDB object modeling for Node.js
  • Splide.js – Lightweight and flexible carousel/slider library

Getting Started

To get a local copy of the project up and running on your machine, follow the steps below.


  • Node.js and npm installed on your machine
  • Firebase account and project set up


  1. Clone the repository:

git clone
cd Shoe-Market


View Github