Wails balenaDevelop integration



This project uses Wails to bring together go-cli components and the device-uis framework to create a desktop application for development on balena devices.

It is a WIP proof of concept and is not yet ready for use. The CLI components are yet to be imported and linked with the frontend interface.

Live Development

Run npm config set legacy-peer-deps true to allow npm to install the dependencies.

Start the development backend from the frontend directory, using yarn dev.

To run in live Wails development mode, run wails dev in the project directory.

Note: The dev server is manually configured to run on port :5173 in order to properly work with wails. If this needs to be changed, please adjust the quasar.conf.js and wails.json with the new port


To build a redistributable, production mode package, use wails build.


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