A round slider component for Vue JS, with range slider support. Also it can be any kind of arc slider such as pie shape, half / semi-circle, quarter circle shape sliders.


  • Great look and feel with lots of customization
  • Supports two-way data binding
  • Range slider support
  • Different circle shapes (pie, half, quarter) support
  • Touch support
  • Keyboard support
  • Mouse scroll support
  • Supports all CSS3 animations

Getting started


You can install the vue-round-slider package from NPM through the below command.

npm install vue-round-slider --save


Without any configuration you can simply render the slider, with the default props.

<round-slider />

Or, you can render with your own customizaition:


And then import and initialize the component:

import Vue from 'vue'
import RoundSlider from 'vue-round-slider'

new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  components: {
  data() {
    return {
      sliderValue: 60

Quick Start

The easiest way to try and start using vue-round-slider is using JSFiddle or CodeSandbox. For round-slider projects,



For better understanding the props was arranged based on some categories such as Basic props (frequently used), UI appearance related, Behaviour related, Miscellaneous and some Usecase related props.

Note: All the props supports String data type as well as their own type.

name type default description
min Number 0 The min property indicates the minimum value of the slider.
max Number 100 The max property indicates the maximum value of the slider.
step Number 1 Decides the number of steps or value should take while we move the handle.
value String, Number null Sets or gets the value of the slider. Instead, by using \v-modal you can enable the two-way data binding.
radius Number 105 The radius property indicates the radius of the slider's circle.
width Number 20 Indicates the width (or thickness) of the slider.
lineCap String "butt" The lineCap property mentions the shape at the edge of the path and range bars.
startAngle Number 0 Indicates the starting angle of the slider.
endAngle String, Number "+360" Indicates the end angle of the slider arc. So, endAngle 90 means it's a quarter circle, like wise 180 - half circle and 270 pie circle
borderWidth Number 0 Indicates the border width of the slider.
borderColor String "inherit" Sets the border color of the slider. By default it will inherits the \rangeColor value.
pathColor String "#EEE" Sets the path color of the slider.
rangeColor String "#69F" Sets the range color of the slider.
tooltipColor String "inherit" Sets the tooltip color of the slider. By default it will inherits the \rangeColor value.
sliderType String "min-range" Indicates the slider type to be render. By setting "range" it will becomes a range slider.
circleShape String "full" Indicates the circle shape to be render.
animation Boolean true Enables or disables the slider animation while value change.
readOnly Boolean false This enables the control into the readOnly mode, so we can't interact with the control when readOnly enabled.
disabled Boolean false Enables or disables the control.
handleSize String, Number "+0" The handleSize property mentions the size of the handle.
handleShape String "round" The handleShape property mentions the shape of the handle.
showTooltip Boolean true Enables or disables the tooltip inside the slider.
editableTooltip Boolean true Enables the editable option of tooltip. When this property set as true, we can change the value by editing the tooltip.
keyboardAction Boolean true Enables or disables the keyboard functionality.
mouseScrollAction Boolean false Enables or disables the mouse scroll functionality.
startValue Number null This property decides at which point the slider should start. Otherwise, by default the slider starts with min value.


Note: The event hanlders should be passed like v-bind:change="handler" or :change="handler" as same as the props, instead of v-on:. Since this acts like a wrapper of roundSlider, so the events will be treated as props.

name description
create This event triggered after the control creation or initialization.
beforeValueChange This event will be triggered before the value change happens. And this event can be cancellable.
change This event triggered when the slider's value gets changed.
update This event triggered when the slider value updated such as during change as well as the handle drag. Simply it is the combination of "change" and "drag".
valueChange This event is similar to 'update' event, in addition it will trigger even the value was changed through programmatically also.
tooltipFormat This event will act as a callback. So you can customize the tooltip template by returning with the custom values here.


Different appearances


Different circle shapes