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A IP input component built for Vue 2

A IP input component built for Vue 2

Vue IP

An ip address input with port and material design support.


$ yarn add vue-ip


import VueIp from 'VueIp';

new Vue({
    components: {
    data() {
        return {
            ip: '', // or null
            port: '8888', // or null
    methods: {
        * Will be called on changes to IP address or port 
        change(ip, port, valid) {
            console.log(ip, port, valid);
    template: '<vue-ip :ip="ip" :port="port" :on-change="change" theme="material"></vue-ip>'


  • Pasting (with IP or with IP and port)
  • IP Validation
  • Optional material design theme
  • Optional Port
  • No sub dependencies


Prop Type Options
on-change function Will be called when changes
ip string null or ip address ''
port string null or '8080'
placeholder boolean will show a dummy ip address within the placeholder
theme string 'material' (material design themed)