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About The Project

This is a simple project that I made to practice my HTML and CSS skills. I wanted to make a simple page that would show my social media links and a little bit about me. I also wanted to make it responsive so that it would look good on mobile devices.


Also this project it is a great way to share your social media links with your friends and followers with a single link.

Built With

  • ? Vue.js
  • ? Github Actions
  • ? VS Code
  • ? Pnpm

Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple steps.


This is an example of how to list things you need to use the software and how to install them.

  • Git
sudo apt-get install git
  • Pnpm
sudo npm install -g pnpm
  • Vue CLI
sudo npm install -g @vue/cli


  1. Clone the repo
git clone
  1. Install Dependencies
pnpm install
  1. Run the project
pnpm run serve
  1. Build the project
pnpm run build:app


? You can use this project to create your own social media links page.

? You can use this on your social media bio or website.

For more examples, please refer to the Website Case Study from IG: @hrwebdevelopers


Hector Romero – @hrwebdevelopers

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