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Lumeno UI

This library contains a set of UI widgets / components. They range from something as simple as a button, to as complex as a fully-featured Markdown-based text editor. Originally, these components were exclusively part of Lumeno’s codebase, however they have since been extracted, extended and made available for open-source use.

Lumeno allows you to centralize your IT résumé, project portfolio and blog content. It aids in building a following, helps you to discover other creatives, and gets you invited to relevant jobs that match your personal requirements, such as minimum salary, availability, location, commute distance, technical skills, and much more… sign up for free!


To use Lumeno UI, your project will require the following dependencies:

  • Vue.js (v3+)
  • TailwindCSS (v3+)


  • Writer – a Markdown-based text editor

… we’ve got more coming!


Paint icon by FreePik.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


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