A library of Vue.js 2.x components based on the Atlassian Design Guidelines.


npm install vue-atlas --save-dev


import Vue from 'vue'
import Va from 'vue-atlas'
import 'vue-atlas/dist/index.min.css'

Vue.use(Va, 'en')

Please visit the documentation page for more detailed examples of each component.

Want to use this with VuePress?

In your VuePress project folder, install vue-atlas as well as node-sass and sass-loader:

npm install vue-atlas
npm install node-sass
npm install sass-loader

If you haven't already, in your VuePress project folder create a folder named .vuepress and another folder named theme inside of it. Create a file named Layout.vue in that location.

mkdir -p .vuepress/theme
touch .vuepress/theme/Layout.vue

In Layout.vue, import Vue and vue-atlas. When you import vue-atlas this way, you don't have to directly import the css.

import Vue from 'vue'
import Va from '../../node_modules/vue-atlas/src/index.js'
Vue.use(Va, 'en')