Bender dashboard

A link dashboard that can be managed without any code. Ideal for service listings on your server. Heavily inspired by Homer dashboard and aims to provide the same functionality with one major change, No yaml required!

All links can be managed via the UI including dragging and dropping your links to re-order or change groups. New pages and links can be added via the UI, as can global settings such as the app title, icon and theme.

Bender link dashboard

Under the hood

  • Built using NuxtJS & Vue2
  • Requires no database, all config is stored in a single config file static/config.json
  • FontAwesome solid and brand icons available with inbuilt search
  • Image lookup supported via anything in static/images
  • Light & Dark mode

Running without docker

Running with docker

You should volume mount the /app/static directory as it contains the config.json (the file containing all links and settings which you will want to persist). It also contains an images directory which is used with the image lookup.

docker run -d \
  --name bender \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -v </your/local/assets/>:/app/static \
  --restart=always \

With docker-compose

A docker-compose.yml file is available as an example. It must be edited to match your needs. You probably want to adjust the port mapping and volume binding (equivalent to -p and -v arguments).

Then launch the container:

cd /path/to/docker-compose.yml/
docker-compose up -d


To develop locally, you can just run npm run dev and it will serve the app on http://localhost:8080 with live reloading of edits.

All PRs are welcome!


Jeremy Graham


Amazing contributors to Homer


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