A managed scroller to dynamically load items.


npm install --save vue-managed-scroller

or if you prefer yarn

yarn add vue-managed-scroller



import Vue from 'vue';
import VueManagedScroller from 'vue-managed-scroller';


This will make <managed-scroller> and <managed-scroller-shell> available to all components within your Vue app.


import { ManagedScroller, ManagedScrollerShell } from 'vue-managed-scroller';

export default {
  components: {


  • In order to handle resizing of scroller, either the ResizeObserver API or the IntersectionObserver API is used. If neither of these are available a simple resize event is attached to the window. If these APIs are not available, considering using an IntersectionObserver polyfill here. Otherwsise you may consider handling resizing with your own logic via resize method.
  • The scroller is set to a default of 100% width and 100% height, meaning the element wrapping the scroller should have a set width and height, otherwise you can set the width and height of the scroller manually via its props.



Property Type Default Description
items Array, Number 0 The items that will be rendered in the list.
width String, Number 100% The width of the scroller area.
height String, Number 100% The height of the scroller area.
direction String vertical The scroll direction of the scroller: vertical or horizontal.
buffer Number 0 How much content should be rendered outside the viewing area (in pixels).
throttle Number 100 A throttle amount in ms to limit the amount of scroll events processed.
invertMouseWheel Boolean false Allow the usage of the mousewheel to scroll when the scroll direction is set to horizontal.


Method Description
resize Triggers a resize of the scroller.
updateShellSize Updates a shell size by an index.


Event Description
startReached Triggers when the first item is rendered.
endReached Triggers when the last item is rendered.

Default Slot

Property Type Description
item any A single item within the list.
itemIndex Number The item index.
isVisible Boolean Whether the rendered item is in the viewing area.
updateShellSize Function A method to update the shell size of a particular shell when the shell's size may have potentially changed.



Property Type Default Description
static Boolean false Whether the shell is a static shell or not. (Static shells are not wrapped by any divs and do not adjust in size via updateShellSize)
size Number 40 The size of the shell; either the width or height depending on scroll direction.