vue-modal is designed with web applications in mind and tries to stick as much as possible to the accessibility best practices set in the WAI-ARIA Dialog (Modal) section of W3C.

Features at a glance

  • Lightweight, minified gzipped version is < 8kb
  • Opens and closes with a data variable using v-model
  • Includes sensible default styling but it's also highly customizable via user CSS classes and styles
  • Override modal title and content via slots
  • Modal intro and outro effects using CSS animation classes
  • Exposes Component events - before-open, opening, after-open, before-close, after-close
  • Scrollable when it's contents exceed screen height
  • Closeable by clicking on the upper right "x", the overlay or the esc key
  • Stackable - Multiple modal windows on top of each other
  • Ability to set initial focus on an element when the modal window opens, just set the autofocus attribute on an element inside the modal
  • Focus management trapps keyboard focus - tabbed navigation inside the modal window
  • Ability to have unclosable modal windows
  • Render on demand or stay always in DOM with "live" mode
  • Modals appended to <body> by default, ability to append to a custom element