Build a Vue chat app

This application detailed the step by step guide on how to build a modern group chat application using Vue.js and CometChat.

Take a look at the screenshot below:



This demo uses:

Running the demo

To run the demo follow these steps:

  1. Head to the CometChat dashboard (you'll need to create a free account if you haven't already)
  2. From the dashboard, create a new app called "vue-group-chat"
  3. Once created, click the button Explore
  4. Click API Keys on the left-hand-side and note the automatically-generated Full access API Key and the application ID as well
  5. Go to the Groups tab and note the GUID of the group automatically created by CometChat
  6. Download the repository here or by running git clone
  7. Run npm install to install all the project's dependencies
  8. Create a .env file with the root folder of the project and paste the following content in it:

Replace YOUR_API_KEY, YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_GROUP_GUID with your API KEY, APP ID and GUID as obtained from your CometChat dashboard.

  1. Run npm run serve to start the application and navigate to http://localhost:8080 to view the app


  1. Open the application in two separate windows and log in with any two of the test users: superhero1, superhero2, or superhero3


  1. Once you are able to log in from both window, type a message and hit Enter on your keyboard to start a chat