This is a movie streaming app similar to Netflix, but definitely not Netflix.


Project setup

# Make sure you are on Node version 18
node -v

# Run the local test environment
npm install
npm run dev

# Run the unit tests
npm run test:unit

Design choices

  • This project is made with Vue 3. I had no experience with Vue 3, but as I heard it’s being used in a few projects at ABN Amro I thought it would be fun to explore the framework a bit.

  • There is very simple state management in the src/services/store.js – but it doesn’t use any external dependencies. For this small project that seemed a bit overkill.

  • I used plain CSS instead of a fancier version such as Sass or PostCSS because for this small project using the simple plain css rules is sufficient.

    • There are some global styles in src/assets/main.css. The rest is scoped CSS in the Vue component files.


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