Autosuggest component built for Vue.


  • WAI-ARIA complete autosuggest component built with the power of Vue.
  • Full control over rendering with built in defaults or custom components for rendering.
  • Easily integrate AJAX data fetching for list presentation.
  • Supports multiple sections.
  • No opinions on CSS, full control over styling.
  • Rigorously tested.


This module is distributed via [npm][npm] which is bundled with [node][node] and
should be installed as one of your project's dependencies:

npm install --save vue-autosuggest


yarn add vue-autosuggest


Load VueAutosuggest into your vue app globally.

import VueAutosuggest from 'vue-autosuggest';

or locally inside a component:

import { VueAutosuggest } from 'vue-autosuggest';
export default {
  components: {

Place the component into your app!

    :suggestions="[{data:['Frodo', 'Samwise', 'Gandalf', 'Galadriel', 'Faramir', 'Éowyn']}]"
    :inputProps="{id:'autosuggest__input', onInputChange: this.onInputChange, placeholder:'Do you feel lucky, punk?'}"

For more advanced usage, check out the examples below, and explore the properties you can use.


Prop Type Required Description
suggestions Array Suggestions to be rendered.
inputProps Object Add props to the <input>.
sectionConfigs Object Define multiple sections <input>.
onSelected Function ✓(*) *If not using sectionConfigs[index].onSelected() then this will trigger. Must be implemented in either sectionConfigs prop or on root prop.


Prop Type Required Description
id String id attribute on <input>.
onInputChange Function Triggers everytime the <input> changes.
onClick Function Triggers everytime the <input> is clicked.
initialValue String Set some initial value for the <input>.
Any DOM Props * You can add any props to <input> as the component will v-bind inputProps. Similar to rest spread in JSX. See more details here:


Multiple sections can be defined in the sectionConfigs prop which defines the control behavior for each section.

Prop Type Required Description
onSelected Function Determine behavior for what should happen when a suggestion is selected. e.g. Submit a form, open a link, update a vue model, tweet at Ken Wheeler etc.
type String Vue component name for specifying which type to implement using Vue's <component :is="componentName"></component> functionality. See DefaultSection.vue for scaffolding a new type. You must declare your component in the scope of the app using Vue.component(). You can extend DefaultSection using extends. See UrlSection for an example.
limit Number Limit each section by some value. Default: Infinity

Below we have defined a default section and a blog section. The blog section has a component type of url-section which corresponds to which component the Autosuggest loads. When type is not defined, Vue-autosuggest will use a built in DefaultSection.vue component.

sectionConfigs: {
    'default': {
        limit: 6,
        onSelected: function(item, originalInput) {
            console.log(item, originalInput, `Selected "${item.item}"`);
    'blog': {
        limit: 3,
        type: "url-section",
        onSelected: function() {
            console.log("url: " + item.item.url);